Computer Training Center in Vadodara (Baroda)

Computer training Courses Cum center  in Vadodara (Baroda) city –  Knowledge is what you hold throughout your life. Knowledge cannot be measured, and its not something going to be wasted. Today the whole world rely on the web for their minute-to-minute things or information. Basic computer training has been launched keeping this fact in mind. If you are a student ,working women, a professional or a home maker; you all can understand the importance and usefulness of computer training which lies with you forever irrespective of your chosen professions.

Basic Computer training is carried out by Mr. Mehul Panchal, having years of experience in teaching students, housewives, and professionals satisfying their respective computing needs.Basic computer knowledge is todays need. Any person cannot move a single step without that. Have a look on various aspect of our basic computer course which can be gathered by freshers and experienced both, just to vamp up themselves in their chosen professions.

Our Basic Computer training Courses:

New MSWord Additions:
Simple Basic Computer Skills
Computer Vocabulary
Opening and Saving Files
Skills and Activities Practice
MS Word Exercises
Excel Exercises
PowerPoint and much more…

Very Simple but easy to learn Basic Computer Skills:

Mehul sir uses visuals for teaching very basic computer skills: using a mouse and turning a computer on and off. This highly suits to students and freshers with little or no computer experience. Even, he provides two good websites for practicing mouse skills which are Mousarobics and Mouse Exercises.

How to turn on the computer
TURN ON the computer
You will see a green light if it is ON.
Is it ON? Wake up!
How to turn off the computer
TURN OFF the computer
Mouse skills
Mouse visual aid
Mouse skills vocabulary
Computer Basics and Word (.zip, 16.7MB) and much more..

Our Computer Vocabulary:

He uses Handouts and activities to teach everyday computer vocabulary (computer parts, toolbar, font, highlight, etc.). This helps a lot to students, housewives and working women having a little or no computer experience.
Basic definitions
Basic definitions matching game
Computer vocabulary
Vocabulary matching game 2
About your computer (PowerPoint) etc.
Opening and Saving Files:
We also teach how to Navigate windows to open and save files. This is an important aspect of computer training and everyone must learnt it.
Find a file
Open a file from your disk
Save a file
Using folders & more

Offers Skills and Activities Practice Aswell:

He creates activities to help students and working women practice skills such as font attributes (bold, italics), spacing, cut-and-paste, and tables and other exercises, Lets have a look:

MS Word Exercises:

Provide Step-by-step instructions with graphics designed to introduce learners to various aspects of MS Word.
Excel Exercises:

Provide Step-by-step instructions with graphics designed to introduce learners to various aspects of MS Excel.

Provide Lessons and activities on using the internet. These lessons refer to Internet Explorer as the browser and lots of activities can be completed regardless of the browser.
Provide Step-by-step instructions with graphics designed for students and working women to learn the creation of a PowerPoint presentation.

For More Information visit us our website : seo training vadodara &  email : or contact mob. no.: 9510352807 to Mehul Panchal, and fulfill your simple computing needs.

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